The AUDI A8 is great for luxury shoppers in 2019


The AUDI A8 is the Queen of Audi’s luxury sedan. The AUDI A8 is a four door,full size, luxury sedan manufactured and marketed by thr German automarketer Audi. It’s a luxury limousine that’s perfect for those who want the almost in comfort. The AUDI A8 is also the first production automobile in the world to have been developed for highly automated driving. The pesengers benefit from the increased dimensions the AUDI A8 is longer than the standard version and has a 13 centimeter longer wheel base.

AUDI has fundamentally reenginered the A8 8n its fourth generation. With its stylishing design.



Impressive passenger space in an AUDI A8 and its longer wheel base ensure that rare-seat passengers are accommodation nicely. The interior is good enough and can be equipped with all the manner of luxury options, including front and rare massaging seats, a footwarmer for rare seats passengers and individual entertainment tablets in the back.

But it’s up front, in it’s informative system, where the big changes have happened. Centered on the dashboard in a 10.1 inch acknowledge inputs with a pulse when tapped. Below that on the center stock is a second screen, which functions primarily to display HVAC cotrols but can be used for other operations, including Google or Navigation searches via handwriting recognition. The move to hoptic eliminates most buttons as well as nearly every knob from the A8‘s cockpit. But the system is highly configureable, allowing owners to choose their own dedicates buttons on the lower screen while offering permanent buttons for navigation, wheather, telephone functions and radio on the left side of the upper screen. Even though you’ll need to look down to find the “buttons”, you’ll not get impatient with the system.



The AUDI A8’s new chassic is good there’s amper body control and isolation with the car’s stamdard air springs and adjustable dampers. The optional AUDI intelligence (AI) active susspension, one component of a suit of intelligent features, include an electric motor at each corner capable of raising or lowering that what via a torsion bar linked to the susspension. There are two springs on each wheels of A8’s equipped with the active susspension.

The AI system scans the road ahead with a forward looking camera (AUDI CALLS THE FUNCTION PREVIEW) and turns that data into wheels motions that follow the road’s shape. Before the front wheels encounter an evelated bump, the body in raised to provide the additional susspension travel needed to absorb the imperfection. Then, as the car passes over, the susspension is extendedto trace the road’s topography. Dips and single-wheel events are handled similarly, with the wheels following the terrain while the body remains isolated. The system pro ides 20 inches of lift and 2.4 inches of drop at each wheel, enough to make speed bumps and manhole covers virtually irrelevant. AUDI’s drive select system is standard and offer three driving modes (AUTO, COMFORT AND DYNAMICS) and also integrates control of the AI susspensio on cars so equipped.


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